Welcome to our Company!

The Ing. Funk GmbH is a medium-sized craft company in the field of ventilation, plant and metal construction. The company was founded on June 11, 1981 by Mr. Walter Funk as suc­ces­sor of the company August Hinrichs in the field of ventilation and drying plant construction.

As a successor of the company August Hinrichs, we have been producing drying systems for the bread and bakery industry for more than 50 years. With these machines, our customers produce bread flour or breadcrumbs. In this business field we have realized plants all over the world from Norway to Australia, and from Canada to Russia.

In the area of ventilation systems, we install ventilation systems for private and com­mer­ci­al customers for a wide range of applications, primarily in the Northern Germany area. On request, we also assist with the project planning. In recent years, we have been mainly involved in the creation of ventilation systems for com­mer­ci­al properties such as supermarkets and shops. But we have also realized special cases such as technical rooms for production facilities, rescue containers, or even ventilation systems for outpatient surgery rooms. Since we are able to produce ventilation ducts ourselves in our company, we have a high degree of flexibility which our customers appreciate.

Furthermore, we have gained experience in the planning and production of extraction systems for a wide variety of applications. Together with partners, we have manufactured and installed systems for the production of water (osmosis plants) on land and especially on ships. Sound­proofing solutions have also been part of our field of activity for several years in cooperation with a Lübeck-based engineering office.

Our range is rounded off as a supplier for various metal components and through the manufacture and assembly of metal con­struc­ti­on works such as fences and railings.